Blog ported to Jekyll

14 Oct 2013

As some of you may have noticed, my blog was down for about a week last week. One of the security updates to Debian must have caused my compiled version of Phusion Passenger to get amnesia. Rather than go through the hassle that was compiling it and configuring it the first time, I've switched the entire blog over to Jekyll. This allows me to write my posts in Markdown, then compile them into HTML. No Typo blog engine, no MySQL database, no Phusion Passenger needed, just a simple HTML webserver.

Jekyll is written in Ruby and hosted on GitHub. In fact, it's what GitHub pages are written in. It also has neat highlighting features like this:

class Necklace
  attr_reader :material
  attr_reader :owner
  attr_reader :dedication
  ALLOWED_MATS = ["Ruby", "Gungan Bone", "Japor Snippet"]
  def initialize(material, owner = nil, dedication = nil)
    raise ArgumentError unless ALLOWED_MATS.include?(material)
    @material = material
    @owner = owner
    @dedication = dedication

necklace ="Japor Snippet", "Padme Amidala", "It'll bring you good fortune.")

puts "I carved it out of a #{necklace.material}. #{necklace.dedication}"

I think most importantly, however, is that I'm writing all this in plain text in a normal text editor. No more will I have to wait for Typo to commit my changes to the database before hitting submit, no longer will I have to filter out 10,000+ spam comments a day (no kidding!), and no longer will I have to wade through a cumbersome UI just to upload a new post.

Site look-and-feel improvements are on their way. Until I make a decision about comment frameworks (if I even want one), hit me up on Twitter.