Ditching Arch Linux

03 Jun 2013

All right, I've had it. I'm throwing in the towel. I'm sick and tired of manually intervening to adapt to the latest Arch Linux filesystem or init script change.

It started with updating the /usr/lib location. I've had to follow this multi-step guide on three different computers (two servers and my laptop) and each time the process took a few hours to get right without breaking the computer's ability to boot. Then came the switch to systemd, which took another weekend. I still don't quite grok systemd compared to the old init.d system. I understand why it's "better" but that doesn't mean I like it. This was followed by a series of small little updates requiring the use of pacman --force, which in every other guide you're told not to use.

Finally, today I ran the update amalgamating filesystem stuff into /usr/bin. In the process I had to remove GRUB 0.97 which was not compatible with the new location. Now GRUB 2 can't figure out which partition to boot and my laptop is essentially unusable.

Arch Linux, you were very, very good to me when 64-bit processors first launched. You were bleeding edge, had the regular kernel updates I needed for drivers, and were one of the first distros to support multilibs. But I have less and less time these days to clean the blood off my command-line sword, so it's time to bid you adieu.