"The Wormhole Massacre" or "The Birth of RAGE"

11 Dec 2012

A few weeks ago, Hard Knocks, Inc., a fellow wormhole corporation, ran into a Russian wormhole corporation, "Wormhole Holders". A fight was proposed, but W-Space didn't bring a fleet. A little smacktalk occurred from the HK side, which is common when someone chickens out from a fight. Now, the official diplomatic statement says:

Hard Knocks was trolling W-Space by insulting their mothers in Russian

but from the rumour mill, I hear the phrase actually posted in local chat was:

Your mother is the whore for all of Kazakhstan.

This apparently was enraging enough to warrant an full-on invasion of Hard Knocks' home wormhole. Here's an excellent write-up from their side of things.

For my part, I dual-boxed a Moros and Orca to roll the SSC hole for a few hours before leaving to see Rise of the Guardians with my wife. I missed SSC's dramatic entrance into Hard Knocks' wormhole by 20 minutes. shakes fist Wish I could have been there.

If you'd like to watch some videos of the fight going down, you can find those at the article.