I was there, man!

05 Dec 2012

Look, Mom, I'm in a article!

The article linked above is a write-up of a wormhole fight involving my corp Sleeper Social Club (SSC) and Verge of Collapse (VoC) against Hobos with a Railgun (HOBO).

During the night of the engagement Sleeper Social Club members spot a 3-man Interstellar Hobos gang, consisting of two Machariels and a Proteus. SSC, in response, form up a small fleet with minimal Guardian support, hoping for a brawl. After landing on the field, Sleeper Social Club manage to take down the enemy Proteus.

That description of how the fight started is a little deceiving. See... what actually happened is I was in our static wormhole, scanning, and a new signature appeared. I scan it down, discover it's a new incoming wormhole, and jump through. Normally when I jump through a wormhole, there's nothing waiting for me on the other side. This time? This time there was a Proteus and a few Machariels, all of whom were looking to roast me alive. I was screaming like a little girl over voice comms for someone to come save me. A few remote-repair ships (Guardians) and DPS later, we killed the Proteus and the fight went as discussed in the above article.

It took a few years for me to find my niche, but I'm really really enjoying EVE's wormhole system. Constantly changing, always dangerous, and always fun. Sleeper Social Club is an awesome corp.