Retrospective on Life Goals

20 Nov 2012

I'm getting married in less than three weeks, and in amongst the preparations I've been making for that, I've been reviewing the goals I've set for myself over the last 15 years. A lot of these seem silly now, at 26, but it's still fun looking them over.

Goal Created Status Comments
Become an astronaut Age 13 In Process Space tourism is an acceptable stand-in for this goal.
Become a Lego master designer Age 13 Canceled High applicant to position opening ratio.
Write a bestselling MechWarrior / BattleTech novel Age 13 In Process Some day I'll have my books on the shelf right next to those of Michael Stackpole. And it'll be awesome.
Drive a Volkswagen Jetta Age 16 Canceled My Hyundai Sonata fits the bill and was much cheaper.
Make my own website Age 16 Complete I've had a few, actually.
Fix people's computers for money Age 16 Complete Ran my own business; quit it. High pay but high customer expectations and thus stress.
Become a real estate tycoon Age 16 Canceled No startup capital.
Run my own bookstore / coffee shop Age 16 Canceled No startup capital.
Run my own movie theatre Age 16 Canceled No startup capital.
Run my own arcade Age 16 Canceled No startup capital. North American arcades are dying/dead.
Become a journalist Age 20 Canceled I prefer longer projects, not once-a-week writing.
Become a technical writer Age 20 Complete I love it, when I get time at work to do it.
Complete my bachelor's degree in English Age 20 Complete I may still get nightmares about being late to class, but I'm done. :D
Get married to a nerd Age 20 In Process Squee!
Lead a team of technical writers Age 24 In Process No opportunty at current job.
Learn how to program Age 24 In Process Learning Ruby and RoR.
Tour historic places around the world with my wife Age 26 In Process Need money.
Have children, fill their heads with nonsense Age 26 In Process Need money.